Academic Work and Careers in Europe

Tatiana Fumasoli, Gaële Goastellec and Barbara M. Kehm are the editors of the new volume Academic Work and Careers in Europe: Trends, Challenges, Perspectives.

About the book

This book explores the perceptions of academic staff and representatives of institutional leadership about the changes in academic careers and academic work experienced in recent years. It emphasizes standardisation and differentiation of academic career paths, impacts of new forms of quality management on academic work, changes in recruitment, employment and working conditions, and academics’ perceptions of their professional contexts.

The book demonstrates a growing diversity within the academic profession and new professional roles inhabiting a space which is neither located in the core business of teaching and research nor at the top level management and leadership. The new higher education professionals tend to be important change agents within the higher education institutions not only fulfilling service and bridging functions but also streamlining academic work to make a contribution to the reputation and competitiveness of the institution as a whole. This book explores the situation in eight European countries: Austria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Romania, and Switzerland.

This is the third and last volume of a series presenting the results of a European comparative research project analysing changes of the academic profession in Europe (EuroAC). It offers insights derived from more than 500 interviews with institutional leaders, junior and senior academics as well as new higher education professionals.

Tatiana Fumasoli is co-author of the chapter 'Introduction: Understanding Change in the Academic Profession Through the Perceptions of Academics and Institutional Leadership' as well as the final chapter, which offers some final conclusions about the overall results and insights which can be derived from the interviews.

Academic recruitment processes

Tatiana Fumasoli and Gaële Goastellec have written the chapter 'Global Models, Disciplinary and Local Patterns in Academic Recruitment Processes'. This chapter analyses recruitment processes of academic staff to detect dynamics of convergence and divergence at national, institutional, and disciplinary level. It argues that such processes are being standardized at different pace and degree; at the same time higher education systems, institutional types and disciplinary fields produce variation in practices. The implications for academics in terms of opportunities and constraints in their different contexts of recruitment are explored.

Full info

Academic Work and Careers in Europe: Trends, Challenges, Perspectives
Tatiana Fumasoli, Gaële Goastellec and Barbara M. Kehm (eds)

Springer, 2014
ISBN: 978-3-319-10719-6 (Print)
ISBN: 978-3-319-10720-2 (Online)

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