The European executive order in times of crisis

How does the Euro crisis impact on administrative systems at the EU and national level?

‘The European executive order in times of crisis’ is one of four EuroDiv sub-projects (Integration and division: Towards a segmented Europe?).

This sub-project studies the emergent European executive order: a multilevel EU administration consisting of supranational bodies (primarily the European Commission, the EEAS and EU agencies), and national bodies (primarily regulatory authorities). Thus, the project deals with centre formation at the supranational level as well as the relationships and networks which develop across levels of governance and across national borders.

One key idea has so far been that the multilevel administrative configuration we currently observe is in important respects significantly different from the one installed at the start of the European integration project, for example in the way it partly ‘side-tracks’ national political executives (ministries). The function of this new executive order doesn’t seem to be ‘only’ implementation; it also structures policy formulation. How robust is the new order in times of crisis? Do crises lead to a breakdown or a highly differentiated system, or, on the contrary, to more centralization, e.g. in the form of new institution-building?

Published Jan. 28, 2015 2:19 PM - Last modified Aug. 4, 2021 11:02 AM