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Publisert 27. sep. 2012 10:51

In his article Knut Christian Myhre explores social anthropology’s relationship to, and conception of, language, and uses kinship as an example to show how the discipline presumes and entails a digital conception of social relations, which leaves little room for language as a constitutive phenomenon.

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Publisert 31. aug. 2011 14:29

Signe Howell is describing Chewong sociality as manifested through sharing in her artickle as a part of the anthology  Anarchic Solidarity: Autonomy, Equality, and Fellowship in Southeast Asia. The article investigates the egalitarian ideology of sharing in the Chewong society based on vital values of equality.

Publisert 26. aug. 2010 15:00

In their article, Purity is Danger: Ambiguities of Touch around Sickness and Death in Western Kenya, Ruth J. Prince and Paul W.Geissler are giving us a view from a Luo-speaking village in western Kenya. HIV/AIDS reached epidemic propotions in western Kenya, and bodily suffering and death were widely shared experiences. Through the stories of a married daughter and her elderly father, who died within few months from one another we experience what is commonly referred to as "the death of today".