Balancing scientific and societal impact - A challenging agenda for academic research

OSIRIS researchers at INGENIO have published a special section dedicated to researchers’ efforts to balance the production of scientific knowledge with the generation of societal impacts in the journal Science and Public Policy (OUP).

Balancing production of scientific knowledge with the generation of societal impacts can be a challenge. Illustration: Leio Mclaren,

Guest editors Irene Ramos-Vielba, Pablo D’Este and Richard Woolley of INGENIO and Nabil Amara of Université de Laval, Canada, introduce a selection of six articles in the special section. These include two conceptual pieces, two empirical studies of researchers’ activities, and two articles taking different approaches to the use of social media and altmetrics in the generation and measurement of societal impact.

Contents of the special section and links to each article:

Introduction to a special section: Balancing scientific and societal impact—A challenging agenda for academic research

Irene Ramos-Vielba, Pablo D’Este, Richard Woolley, Nabil Amara (guest editors)

Science and Public Policy

How do researchers generate scientific and societal impacts? Toward an analytical and operational framework

Pablo D’Este; Irene Ramos-Vielba; Richard Woolley; Nabil Amara

Science and Public Policy,

Reflecting on the Tensions of Research Utilization: Understanding the Coupling of Academic and User Knowledge

Paul Benneworth; Julia Olmos-Peñuela

Science and Public Policy,

The evaluation of research excellence and the dynamics of knowledge production in the humanities: The case of History in Spain

Carolina Cañibano; Immaculada Vilardell; Carmen Corona; Carlos Benito-Amat

Science and Public Policy,

Scientists’ engagement in knowledge transfer and exchange: individual factors, variety of mechanisms and users

Oscar Llopis; Mabel Sánchez-Barrioluengo; Julia Olmos-Peñuela; Elena Castro-Martínez

Science and Public Policy,

Scientific knowledge percolation process and social impact: a case study on the biotechnology and microbiology perceptions on Twitter

Beatriz Barros; Ana Fernández-Zubieta; Raul Fidalgo-Merino; Francisco Triguero

Science and Public Policy,

Using altmetrics for contextualised mapping of societal impact: from hits to networks

Nicolas Robinson-Garcia; Thed N van Leeuwen; Ismael Ràfols

Science and Public Policy,

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