Liisa Raud

Postdoktor - Psykologisk institutt
Bilde av Liisa Raud
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Telefon +47 22845137
Rom S04-21
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Faglige interesser

  • Cognitive Control

  • Memory consolidation

  • Sleep

  • Ageing

I'm currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the research group Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition. My main focus is on memory consolidation and how this may be affected by sleep, but also by life-span changes in brain structure and function. I am additionally interested in cognitive control and specifically working on how response inhibition is implemented in the central and peripheral nervous system.

Emneord: Avdeling for kognitiv og klinisk nevrovitenskap
Publisert 11. nov. 2015 08:30 - Sist endret 20. mai 2020 15:02