Lars Mandelkow


Financing and collaboration

PhD project about spiritual competence in psychotherapy.

The project's financing consists of a public research grant given to Ansgarhøyskole in Kristiansand which is being passed on to me. A typical 3-year PhD-period is thereby stretched to five years, the first four combined with a 50% teaching position as assistant professor in psychology.

The different parts of the study are set up in collaboration with different research groups, mainly the spiritual care research centre in Munich and the institute of psychotherapy and religion at the theological college TABOR in Marburg, Germany.


  • 50% part-time position as an Assistant professor at Ansgar Høyskole, Kristiansand
  • Practical background: couple and family therapy in Germany, Hospice care projects and Palliative Care training for physicians.
  • Academic background: Master degrees in theology and psychology

Research team

  • Silje Endresen Reme, UiO
  • Henning Freund, Ev. Hochschule TABOR, Marburg
Emneord: religionspsykologi, psychology of religion and spirituality
Publisert 13. mars 2020 15:56 - Sist endret 4. mai 2020 12:57