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The Endestad Brain Imaging Group

The Endestad Brain Imaging Group (EBIG) supports research exploring the study of the mind and the biological basis of behavior and mental function.

The Endestad Brain Imaging Group (EBIG). From the left: Tessa Händel, Cecilie Skaftnes, Grethe Løvland, Raquel Dagar Ellingsen, Vidar Kristiansen, Tor Endestad, Marit Lobben, Dag Alnæs, Espen Moen Eilertsen, Svein Are Vatnehol, Maja Foldal and Andrè Nilsen.

Photo: Svein Harald Milde

About the group

EBIG is located at the University of Oslo, Department of Psychology. The group was founded in 2014 to promote research opportunities in cognitive science, the interdisciplinary field dedicated to understanding the nature of the mind.


  • The Effect of Traumatic Life Events on Executive Function and Attentional Control Networks

  • The Embodied Cognitive Bases of Classifier Systems

  • Response Inhibition Deficits after Frontal Lesions

  • Investigating the Neural Basis of  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Towards the Identification of Disease Mechanisms in Adolescent Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Members of the group come from a number of departments at the University of Oslo, including Psychology, Linguistics, and Computer Sciences.

The members share a common interest in understanding the nature of the mind.

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