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Phone +47 22845125
Room S02-10
Postal address Pb. 1094 0317 Oslo

Academic Interests

  • Psychotherapy

  • Exploring psychotherapy process with the use of qualitative methods

  • Case studies

  • Psychotherapy integration

  • Developing qualitative research methods with the use of artistic perspecitves


PSYC4400 - Relasjonskompetanse (Relational competence)

PSYC 6300 - Praktikum (Internship)

PSYC 9101 - Research methodology

PSYC 3100 Qualitative methodology

PSYC 1202 Ethics and the professional role

Higher education and employment history

Marit Råbu, PhD, graduated as a psychologist from the University of Oslo in 1997, and is qualified as specialist in clinical psychology and intensive psychotherapy of the Norwegian Psychological Association. Postgraduate education in psychotherapy from Institute for psychotherapy and Institute for active psychotherapy. Marit Råbu has worked in public mental health care for ten years and has experience from clinical work with adults, adolescence, children, couples, and families in both outpatient and inpatient settings. She is engaged in research on various aspects of psychotherapy processes. She finished her PhD in 2011 with the thesis “Relational development in psychotherapy from beginning to end: Connecting structural and interpersonal aspects of psychotherapy”. She teaches courses on psychological treatment and runs a part time private psychotherapy practice.


Råbu takes part in the project “An intensive process-outcome study of the interpersonal aspects of psychotherapy”, led by Associate Professor Margrethe Seeger Halvorsen (initiative and previously leadership by Professor Helge Rønnestad) at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo. Her PhD was an independent project within this larger project. She cooperates closely with researchers in this project, particularly Professor Hanne Haavind.

She leads (alternating with Christian Moltu) the research project “The Art and Science of Conducting Psychotherapy – how collaborative action between client and therapist generates and sustains productive life change”. The project is developed together with PhD Christian Moltu, research fellow in Helse-Vest, and Professor John McLeod, University of Abertay, Dundee, Scotland. The project involves several researchers from University of Oslo, University of Bergen, CHIOR, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, USA and Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Råbu also leads a research project called “Senior therapist’s experiences on how being a therapist influences life”. Link to some results from this Project (see also publications below):


Supervises the following PhD-Projects:

Ida Stange Bernhardt: The Significance of Therapists’ Personal Experiences and Qualities

Kristine Dahl Sørensen: Managing life and change when diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder: A qualitative inquiry

Anita Myhre: Long-term and multidisciplinary treatment pathways: Experiences among patients and families affected by a congenital craniofacial anomaly  (co-supervisor) 


2017: Price in Memory of Bjørn Christiansen for a significant academic contribution (Distributed by the Norwegian Psychological Association)


Serves as part of Editoral Board in Counselling Psychology Quarterly (Taylor & Francis)

Tags: Clinical psychology


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