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  • Menneskerettigheter og naturrett





1994:  Dr.philos., University of Oslo

1990:  Studiekurs i internasjonal bedriftsledelse, (one-year executive course in international management, finance and marketing) Bedriftsøkonomisk Institutt, (Norwegian School of Management) 1990/91, grade 2.0, 10 vekttall.

1989:  Courses in commercial French and French conversation, Centre Culturel Francais d'Oslo, 1987-89, 

1985: Course in mathematics for economists, Dept. of Economics, Oslo University, Spring 1985.

1983:  The degree magister artium (magistergrad) in political science, Oslo University, Spring, 1983.  Title of thesis: "Interest Group Participation in Politics: A Normative Analysis of the Role and Status of Associations in Democratic Theory".

1982:  Summer School in Comparative European Politics, European University Institute, Badia Fiesolana, Firenze, Italy, 1982

1982:  Summer School in American-European Relations, Claremont Institute of Political Studies, Claremont-McKenna Colleges, Claremont, USA. 1982

1980:   Master of Arts degree in modern European history, University of Minnesota,

1980: Master of Arts degree in comparative politics and political theory, University of Minnesota, summer 1980 (the two degrees were conferred in the same semester, as I worked towards them simultaneously).

1978: The degree "mellomfag" (intermediate level - corresponds to 3 semesters study) in the history of ideas, University of Oslo, Department of History of Ideas, Spring 1978, grade 1,6.

1977: One year's study at Augsburg College Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the senior level, 1976-77.

1976: Examen artium, Economic College, Mandal Gymnasium, 1973-76.




Haaland Matlary is professor of international politics, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo, and at the Norwegian National Defence University College (Forsvarets Høgskole). She was  State Secretary (deputy foreign minister) for Foreign Affairs of Norway, representing the Christian Democratic Party in the Bondevik government, from 1997-2000. She is  an expert member of the Norwegian parliament’s commission tasked with proposing changes to the Norwegian Constitution for the 200th anniversary of the latter in 2014 and the  MFA’s (Foreign Office) Security Policy Commission (Sikkerhetspolitisk Utvalg). She was inter alia a member of the national defence commission of Norway and is on the board of trustees of the Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights. She was the Norwegian member of the High-level Task Force on Belarus, a group of ex-ministers and ex-presidents who try to engage with Belarus. She is a member of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and consultor to the Pontifical Council for the Family in the Vatican, and has acted as head of Holy See delegations to international conferences. She was a foreign policy advisor to the government and Furst von und zu Liechtenstein as a member of their Expertenrat fur Aussenpolitik , 2002-2009, and member of the “Global Agenda Council ” at the Davos World Economic Forum. She is a member of IESE’s (Business school, Barcelona) international advisory board, member of the board of trustees of the “Social Trends Institute”, N.Y., member of the board of The Swedish Defence College’s research group on strategy and of the military advisory board of the defence company SIMRAD Optronics. She led the Norwegian Research Council’s programme on petroleum research PETROPOL in the period 2000-2006. She was a member of the Norwegian government’s expert commission on ethical guidelines for the national Petroleum Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ commission on profiling Norway (“Omdømmeutvalget”), 2003-2006 and the National Defence Commission, 1996-97. She is a columnist on foreign affairs in the papers Aftenposten,  Minerva  and Fædrelandsvennen.  She taught human rights to Iraqi police chiefs under the Norwegian Police Program as well as to Iraqi military officers for NATO, and writes and lectures on international management and human rights/CSR for corporate actors. She is a board member of Sørlandets Kompetansefond. She is a member of Oslo Militære Samfund (The Oslo Military Society) and Agder Vitenskapsakademi (Agder Academy of Science). She received the St. Benedict prize for 2007, conferred by the Benedictine Community if Subiaco, Italy, for her work on European culture and politics. In 2009, Pope Benedict XIV appointed her a life-long member of the Pontifical Academy of Science (Social Science Branch).


Emneord: Menneskerettigheter, Internasjonal politikk, Sikkerhetspolitikk, Naturrett, Forsvarspolitikk, EU


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