Stipends for MSc students

Oslo Nuclear Project provides a limited number of stipends (10,000 NOK) for Masters students in the Department of Political Science writing theses on nuclear weapons.

The purpose of this stipend is twofold: to stimulate interest in the academic study of nuclear weapons and international relations, and to encourage students to think carefully about the policy relevance of their research.

There is a broad range of topics to choose from including nonproliferation and disarmament, nuclear doctrines, domestic debates about nuclear weapons, stabilizing measures to prevent conflict between nuclear weapon states, nuclear crisis management, nuclear safety, etc.

Recent MSc theses have focused on issues such as collaboration between Norway and Russia in nuclear safety, domestic debates about nuclear weapons in Middle Eastern states, nuclear postures, and nuclear crises. These theses have adopted a broad range of analytic methodologies.

Successful applicants are encouraged to take part in the activities of the Oslo Nuclear Project, ranging from seminars to weekly discussion meetings (starting fall 2019).

Students that receive this stipend must produce a short text for publication, in the form of an op-ed or a blog post, explaining their findings and their relevance after submitting their thesis.

There is no fixed deadline. To apply, send an outline of your project and CV to Målfrid Braut-Hegghammer, head of the Oslo Nuclear Project.


This project is supported by the University of Oslo, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the MacArthur foundation.

Published Mar. 7, 2019 11:07 AM - Last modified Mar. 8, 2019 10:04 AM