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Getting on in life: strategies of middle-class reproduction (completed)

Why do middle-class children so often land middle-class careers? This project will study the ways in which Norwegian middle-class parents help their offspring.

Middle class family

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About the project

Through qualitative interviews, the project will investigate 1) interviewees accounts of how they got into their careers, with special attention to how parents helped them into it, and 2) how the interviewees, as parents, seek to increase their children's chances of educational success and occupational advancement.

The project follows up earlier research from the UK and the US. Analysing these processes in a relatively egalitarian society will give insights into generalities and national peculiarities of middle-class strategies. This will advance knowledge on processes of social mobility and of relations of social inequality more generally.


  • Develop realistic and substantiated explanations of middle-class reproduction
  • Draw on similar international work to compare results across space and time
  • Develop a synthesis of competing explanatory frameworks in the field

Project period

February 2014 - June 2018

Funding scheme

The total grant awarded was NOK 3 340 000.


Tags: MIddle class, social mobility, education, occupational advancement
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