Science Fair 2017

AdaptationCONNECTS in collaboration with the wider climate research group at the Department of Sociology and Human Geografi, UiO, participated at the Science Fair 2017 in Oslo with the stand:  “Climate. Cacao. Coffee. What is important to you?”

Notes of what is important to people visiting the stand.

This stand attracted people at all ages and from different walks of life to discuss the how climate change affect things that are important in people every day life. 

A lot of the things we care about and that are valuable to us are affected by climate change. Climate change can affect economical values, but also things that are important and valuable to us in our daily life like coffee and cocoa.

Through different activities the stand invited participants to reflect on how they see the world, the relationship between nature and humans, the relationship between themselves and others. Values and world views affect how we perceive climate change and they affect what solutions we see as possible. 

We were so fortunate to have Barista Rory Lee Rosenberg with making coffee from coffee beens around the world connecting our research with the coffee making. 

An article was written by journalist Silje Pileberg about the research informing the idea for the stand. The article can be accessed here (in Norwegian only). 

Read more about the Science Fair here

Published Oct. 26, 2017 2:41 PM - Last modified Oct. 26, 2017 2:41 PM