Frequently asked questions, PhD fellowships


The posting states that the position is for a period of 3 years without compulsory work or four years with compulsory work (primarily teaching duties). What does this entail?

•    Applicants for such positions will be considered for teaching duties if the applicant’s interests and skill sets match teaching needs as defined by the Department at the time of hiring. If teaching duties are assigned, the successful applicant will be given a contract for four years with 25% teaching duties. Contracts without teaching duties are for three years.

Candidates from other disciplinary backgrounds must demonstrate that their educational background has prepared them for PhD level studies and that their project falls within the scope of the relevant discipline. What does this refer to?

•    Applicants who do not have a formal degree in sociology or human geography (depending on the position) may still apply for a fellowship if they can demonstrate that their training has prepared them to complete a PhD in said field. Furthermore, the project itself must fall within the scope of the relevant field. 
•    Please note that the applicant must themselves evaluate these questions and demonstrate relevance, we are unable to advise in questions regarding relevance or scope.

The master’s thesis must have been submitted before the application deadline. Is this an absolute requirement?

•    Yes. Only applications including a master’s thesis (in English or a Scandinavian language) will be considered. 
•    Essays or other academic written work may not be substituted for a master’s thesis.

Must my master’s thesis be submitted in full?

•    Yes. A complete master’s thesis must be submitted. If your thesis is in another language than English or a Scandinavian language, it must be translated in its entirety before submission.

A prerequisite for taking up the position is the successful completion of a master’s degree. What does this mean?

•    Applicants who have submitted their master’s thesis for evaluation before the closing application date may apply without yet having received their grade and final degree.

Applicants must have excellent written and oral proficiency in English. How do I document this?

•    We do not currently require proof of testing or other documents providing evidence of language skills.

Residence in Norway is expected. Is this an absolute requirement?

•    Yes. We expect fellows to take up residence in the greater Oslo- metropolitan area and daily presence at the Department.
•    PhD fellows are, however, encouraged to spend time abroad during the fellowship period in conjunction with fieldwork or research visits at another institution.

Applicants will be assessed on the quality of the project proposal, their academic grades, the master’s thesis and the applicant’s personal prerequisites to carry out the project. What does this mean?

•    Applicants will first be assessed and compared on the basis of their project proposal, their academic grades and the quality of the quality of the master’s thesis. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview, in which personal prerequisites will also be evaluated.
•    Applicants who have scientific publications may list these in their CV or provide a separate list of publications but actual publications are not to be submitted. This is in line with current thinking that PhD fellowships are to be regarded as recruitment position. Any scientific work the applicant may have published will be considered in relation to the length of time and work experience after completion of MA studies, but these will not be weighted significantly.

May I submit publications as part of my application?

•    Please see above.

May I submit my project proposal or otherwise appeal for advice regarding my application in general or my project proposal in particular prior to the application deadline?

•    We are unfortunately unable to provide such guidance and requests for advice will be declined.

The application with attachments must be submitted in our electronic recruiting system. Is this an absolute rule?

•    Yes. No documents may be submitted via email or by mail. 

Please note that all documents must be in English (or a Scandinavian language). Is this an absolute rule?

•    Yes. In order to ensure our ability to assess all applicants, only documents in English or a Scandinavian language will be reviewed.
•    Translated summaries of master’s thesis will not suffice.

Are there templates available for the project proposal and/or budget?

•     No. We do not provide templates for these required documents.

My academic training and/or background is not in sociology or human geography (depending on the position). May I still apply?

•    Please refer to question 2.

When is the starting date for the position?

•    If not stated explicitly, the starting date may be negotiated. We generally expect fellows to start within three months of having been made an offer.

How long does the hiring process take and when will applicants be notified of the result?

•    The hiring process will in general take at least three months.
•    Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview.
•    Shortlisted candidates will be informed of the hiring decision immediately after the relevant Board meeting.
•    Non-shortlisted applicants will receive information through JobbNorge once the position has been filled.

Are applicants expected to secure a supervisor or otherwise establish contact with the Department before applying?

•    No. A supervisor will be assigned upon hiring and enrollment in the PhD programme.

I am currently enrolled in a PhD programme/I have already have a PhD. May I still apply?

•    No. Applicants currently conducting or who have completed at PhD degree already will not be considered.

I am not a Norwegian citizen nor currently resident in Norway. May I still apply?

•    Yes. All nationalities are invited to apply. 
•    Residence in Norway is expected once taking up the position.

How should my documents be submitted?

•    Please ensure that your documents are submitted in the order presented under How to apply.
•    Documents should be uploaded individually and named accordingly, e.g. Letter of application, Project proposal, CV.
•    Please do NOT create a single PDF or other file for all documents.

When will listed references be contacted?

•    References will only be contacted for shortlisted candidates and then only after an interview has taken place.


Published July 12, 2021 9:54 AM - Last modified Aug. 15, 2022 1:12 PM