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The department works closely together with all the large social science research institutes in the Oslo region:

Researchers from these institutes teach and supervise many of our students and thus our students are connected with other research institutions while studying. Collaboration with external research institutes also includes the externally financed research projects with which our staff are involved.

For students Prosjektforum is a unique opportunity by practically learning how to research and write reports by way of small research projects in the public or private sectors. Here too valuable contacts are established with a view towards future study, research or work. Use of the tools of both sociology and human geography (e.g. urban and regional politics, environment and climate, youth and intoxication, social inequality and education, immigration; integration and exclusion) have meant that contact and collaboration with both the local and the national authorities is extensive.

And as the largest university department in Norway for the two disciplines the department's staff have not only central roles in the national councils for the disciplines along with representatives from the other Norwegian unversities but also for Nordic university collaboration.


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