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ESOP Workshop in Political Economics

Nov 3, 2015

Work Motivation and the Nordic Model

Oct 6, 2015

The Raquel Fernández Workshop 2015: Sovereign Debt

Aug 18, 2015

Workshop on Simmering Conflicts

Jun 26, 2015

European Strains Workshop

Apr 29, 2015

Workshop on Norms, Conflict and Development

Mar 24, 2015

Workshop on Natural Resources

Mar 5, 2015 - Mar 6, 2015


Social Policy and economic growth

Oct 27, 2014

The Welfare state and Social Policies around the World

Oct 3, 2014 - Oct 4, 2014

The Raquel Fernández Workshop 2014: Family Economics

Aug 21, 2014


Advances on the Political Economy of Conflict and Redistribution II

 With: the Social Science Research Centre (WZB) and Max Planck Institute .

Oct 28, 2013 - Oct 29, 2013, WZB, Berlin.


ThReD-conference 2013

Host: ThReD - Theoretical Research in Development Economics in association with ESOP.

Jun 28, 2013 - Jun 29, 2013, Georg Sverdrups hus, Auditorium 2.


Workshop: Inequality in Latin America

In cooperation between UiO and ECLAC, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, to strengthen the agenda to reduce inequality.

Jun 21, 2013 08:30 AM - 04:00 PM, Department of Economics. ROM ES 1047, University of Oslo.


ESOP workshop on the Norwegian Oil Economy

Apr 30, 2013 01:15 PM - 05:00 PM, Eilert Sundts hus, room 1047, Blindern.

Papers presented:

Ådne Cappelen, Statistics Norway: "The Challenges for the Norwegian Economy after the Oil Era".

Hilde C. Bjørnland, BI Norwegian Business Scool: "Quantifying the Norwegian Oil Boom".

Torben Kenea Mideksa, ESOP & UiO: "Use it like Norway: the Economic Effect of Petroleum Resources".


ESOP Conference on the Economics of the Nordic Model

Collaboration with Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies

 Sep 14, 2012.


GRASP Workshop: Social Policy and the Financial Crisis

ESOP workshop in cooperation with GRU: The Instability of Regimes

ESOP workshop in India:"Poverty, Conflict and Environment"

Research workshop in Delhi on March 27-29 2012.



Conference on "Advances on the Political Economy of Conflict and Redistribution"

ESOP/Max Planck Institute/Social Science Research Center Berlin

Jun 9, 2011- Jun 11, 2011.


ESOP workshop on Gender and Households

Conference: "The political economy of the Gulf States: When does oil become sand in the machinery?"
May 4, 2011.
GRU (The Gulf Research Unit)

Papers and presenters:

“The political economy of Gulf democratisation”
Giacomo Luciani (Princeton University Global Scholar and Senior Consultant, Gulf Research Center, Dubai)

“Migration into resource rich economies”
Halvor Mehlum & Karl Ove Moene (University of Oslo)

“Resource rent, demographic bonus, and economic development: Theory and evidence”
Kjetil Bjorvatn (Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH)) & Mohammad Farzanegan (University of Dresden)

”Modeling OPEC behaviour”
Ådne Cappelen (Statistics Norway (SSB))

“The effects of transport regulation on the oil market - Does market power matter?”
Knut Einar Rosendahl (Statistics Norway (SSB)) (co-authored with Snorre Kverndokk)

“Gasoline subsidization as a political tool”
Ingrid Krüger (University of Oslo)

"Consequences of conflict for the MENA region"
Håvard Strand (The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)) (co- authored with Scott Gates, Håvard Hegre & Håvard M. Nygård)

"Oil and political survival"
Silje Aslaksen (University of Oslo) (co-authored with Jørgen Juel Andersen)


ESOP Workshop on Causality
Apr 29, 2011.


Odd Aalen: Statistical causal inference - new paradigm or the "Emperor's new clothes"?

Magne Mogstad: Is better research design taking the "con" out of econometrics?

Kjetil Røysland: Graphical models based on local independence

Erik Ø. Sørensen: Causality and economic experiments

Tore Schweder: Markov-completeness



Name: ESOP Workshop on Conflict, Trade and Cooperation

Time: January 22 2010 Papers presented:

Halvor Mehlum and Kalle Moene: Conflicts and Cooperation.

Fabrizio Zilibotti: War Signals: A Theory of Trade, Trust and Conflict. (co-authors: Dominic Rohner and Mathias Thoenig)

Dominic Rohner: Strategic Mass Killings. (co-authors: Joan Esteban and Massimo Morelli)

Scott Gates: Violence and Property Rights.


Name: ESOP/CSCW Workshop on Social Conflict, in cooperation with the Dehli School of Economics

Time: April 9-10 2010 Papers presented:

Steve Wilkinson (co-author: Saumitra Jha): Veterans and Ethnic Cleansing in the Partition of India.

Roma Chatterjee: Collective Violence, Rehabilitation and Community in Dharavi, Mumbai.

Deepak Mehta: Words that Wound: Archiving Hate in the Making of Hindu and Muslim Publics in Bombay.

Debraj Ray (co-author: Anirban Mitra): Uneven Growth: The Economics of Hindu- Muslim Conflict.

Tapas Kundu: Conflic and Mobility: Resource Sharing Between Groups.

Silje Aslaksen: Oil and Political Survival: The roles of Institutions and Appropriability.

Nandini Sundar: Counterinsurgency and Regrouping: Experiences from India.

Oendrila Dube (co-author: Suresh Naidu): Maoists, Minerals and Environmental Change.

Joan Esteban (co-authors: Dominic Rohner and Massimo Morelli): Strategic Mass Killings.

Elisabeth Wood: Sexual Violence during War: Explaning Variation.

Amita Baviskar: Extraordinary Violence and Everyday Welfare: The State and Development in Rural and Urban India.

Bhaskar Dutta: Development and Land Acquisition.

Zoya Hassan: Defining Social Inequalities in India: The Politics of State Response.

Rohini Somanathan: Caste Hierarchies and Social Mobility in India. (co-author: Rajeev Sethi)

Halvor Mehlum: Conflict, Peace and Poverty. (co-author: Kalle Moene)

Kalle Moene: From Class Conflict to Collaboration. (co-author: Halvor Mehlum)



Name: ESOP Workshop on Global and Local Perspectives on Economic Inequality

Time: May 7 2010

Papers presented:

Branko Milanovic: Measuring Ancient Inequality.

Erik Sørensen: Convergence? Cost-of-living indices for measuring global trends in inequality and poverty.

Paul Segal: Resource Rents, Redistribution, and Halving Global Poverty: The Resource Dividend.

Alain Trannoy: Detecting a change in wealth concentration without knowledge og wealth distribution.

Erik Thorbecke: The Foster-Greer-Thorbecke Class of Poverty Measures Twenty Five Years Later

Magne Mogstad: Robust Inequality Comparison.


Name: ESOP fabler: Equality, Social Organization and Performance – A research seminar on ESOP’s research topics and in celebration of Kalle Moene’s 60th birthday

Time: June 12 2010

Papers presented:

John Roemer: A Dynamic Analysis of Human Welfare in a Warming Planet.

Jean‐Marie Baland: Repayment Incentives and the Design of Microfinance Institutions.

Torben Andersen: Rationalizing the Coexistence of Public and Private Investments in


Gaute Torsvik: Beliefs, Attitudes and Productivity. Evidence From a Customer Service Centre.

Ragnar Torvik: Conditional Comparative Statics.


Name: Workshop on Climate Change and Distribution

Time: June 22-23 2010

Co-organizer: CSMN and Stanford Center for Ethics in Society

Papers presented:

Jon Elster: The fair allocation of emission rights

Stéphane Zuber: Justifying social discounting

Johannes Emmerling: Discounting and intragenerational equity.

Rick van der Ploeg: Cautious discounting of CO2 damages and optimal redistribution.

David Anthoff: Optimal global dynamic carbon taxation.

Stephen M. Gardiner: Climate change and geo-engineering: Is 'Arming the Future' with Geoengineering Really the Lesser Evil?

(Joint session with Confronting Environmental Values)

Christian Gollier: Socially efficient discounting under ambiguity aversion.

Christian Traeger: The social discount rate under intertemporal risk aversion and ambiguity.

Stephen M. Gardiner: The tyranny of the contemporary.

Adam Rose: Distributional Impacts of the Kerry-Lieberman Bill.

Armon Rezai: Climate Policy and Intergenerational Welfare.

Richard Tol: Climate policy under fat-tailed risk.


Name: Workshop on Gender, labor market, and the family - lessons from empirical analysis of reforms

Time: October 25 2010

Papers presented:


Sara Cools: Effects of Paternity Leave on Parents and Children (Co-authors Jon Fiva and Lars Kirkebøen)

Shorter workshop contributions made by Jon Fiva, Tarjei Havnes, Jo Lind, Mari Rege, Oddbjørn Raaum (TBC), Pål Schøne, and Erik Sørensen. Discussion chaired by Halvor Mehlum.



Name: ESOP Workshop on Poverty and Equality

Time: November 2 2010

Co-organizer: Norad Papers presented:


Martin Ravallion: Why Don’t We See Poverty Convergence? Discussant: Kalle Moene Stephen Nickell: Patterns of Work Across the OECD.

Ingvild Almås: International Income Inequality and Poverty: Measurement Challenges.

Discussant: Magne Mogstad


Name: ESOP Workshop on Culture, Behavior and Distribution

Time: November 19 2010

Papers presented:

Jo Thori Lind: Knowledge is Power. A Theory of Information, Income and Welfare Spending.

Gianluca Grimalda: The Culture of Redistribution in Norway, Italy and the US – an experiment.

Alexander Cappelen: Immoral Criminals? An experimental study of social preferences among prisoners.

Karine Van Der Straeten: Laboratory experiments on voting rules.

Marte Strøm: How husbands and wives vote.

Carl-Johan Dalgaard: Religious Orders and Growth through Cultural Change in Pre- Industrial England.

Erling Barth/Kalle Moene/Kjersti Misje Nilsen: Social Insurance or Redistribution Motives? Behaviors and Beliefs in the Welfare State.





Name: ESOP Workshop on Varieties of Inequality

Time: June 17 2009 Papers presented:

Kalle Moene: The Equality Multiplier.

Sam Bowles: The Nature of Wealth and the Dynamics of Inequality from Pre-History to the Knowlegde-Based Economy.

William Thomson: Lorenz Rankings of Rules for the Adjudication of Conflicting Claims.

Jo Thori Lind: Income, Information and Redistribution.

Tarjei Havnes: Is Universal Child Care Leveling the Playing Field? Evidence from non- linear difference-in-differences.

Ingvild Almås: The Development of Inequality Acceptance.

Magne Mogstad: On the Measurement of Long-run Inequality and Income Mobility.

Sara Cools and Marte Strøm: Parenthood and Household Specialization.


Name: Adam Smith on the Conditions of a Moral Society: The Interdisciplinary Adam Smith Conference

Time: August 27-29 2009

Co-organized in cooperation with CSMN (Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature). Papers presented:

Thomas Cushman/Bryan S. Turner: Wellesley' Resentment in the Theory of Moral Sentiments: A Sociological Re-examination.

Sam Fleischacker: Smith on Self-Deceit.

Jon Elster: Seneca and Adam Smith on reciprocity.

James Konow: Adam Smith and Moral Knowledge.

Ragnvald Kalleberg: Adam Smith – A Normative Empirical Classic in Sociology. Carola von Villiez: Dimensions of Impartiality: Adam Smith’s Story of Moral Progress. Wolfgang Knöbl: Adam Smith on Conflict and War.

John O’Neill: Recognition, independence and equality.

Kalle Moene: The moral sentiments of the Wealth of Nations.

Maria Carrasco: Sympathy: From Psychology to Moral Normativity.

Vivienne Brown: Self-interest and intersubjectivity in The Theory of Moral Sentiments.

Thom Brooks: The Role of Emotion in Punishment.

Duncan Kelly: Propriety and Persuasion.

Lisa Hill: Social Distance and the New Strangership in Adam Smith.


Name: ESOP Workshop on Inequalities in Contests

Time: October 23-24 200

Papers presented:

Halvor Mehlum (co-author Kalle Moene): Kings and Farmers.

Oliver Gürtler: Optimal Tournament Contracts for Heterogeneous Workers.

Ola Kvaløy: Tournaments with prize setting agents.

Scott Gates: Biased Property Rights and Communal Violence.

Kai Konrad: The Lifeboat Problem.

Tore Nilssen: Dynamic win effects in sequential contests.

Aner Sela: Allocation of Prizes in Contests with Participation Constraints.

Rene Kirkegaard: Favoritism in Asymmetric Contests: Head Starts and Handicaps.

Stergios Skaperdas: Cognitive Policy Capture.

Karl Wärneryd: Democracy, Inequality, and International Conflict.

Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr: Investment Incentives and Market Design


Name: ESOP Workshop on Recent Experiences With Variants of the Nordic Model

Time: November 10 2009 Papers presented:

Kalle Moene: The complementarity between financial markets and the welfare state.

Matz Dahlberg: On Mandatory Activation of Welfare Recipients in Sweden.

Markus Jäntti: Growth with equity? Recent experiences of the Finnish developmental state in light of its history.

Torben Andersen: Reforms and developments of the danish welfare model.

Þórólfur Matthíasson: Life at the top of the world, one crash at a time.



Name: Workshop on Conflicts and Inequality

Organized by ESOP with Centre for the Study of Civil War (CSCW) at PRIO Time:  March 5-6 2008

Papers presented:

Kalle Moene (co-authors Alexander Cappelen, Bertil Tungodden and Erik Sørensen):

Fairness and Poverty – An International Experiment.

Fredrik Willumsen (Co-authors Jo Thori Lind and Kalle Moene): Opium for the Masses. Afghanistan as a Drug State.

Debraj Ray: Missing Women.

Dominic Rohner: From Rags to Rifles: The Economics of Deprivation, Conflict and Welfare State.

Tarjei Havnes: The Formation of Overambitions in Conflict.

Joan Esteban: Collective Action and Group Platforms.

Todd Sandler (co-author Patrick Brandt): Hostage Taking: Understanding Terrorism Events Dynamics.

Quac-Anh Do (co-author F.R. Campante): Keeping Dictators Honest - the Role of Population Concentration.

Jo Thori Lind (co-author Kalle Moene): Miserly Developments.


Name: Workshop on Development and Inequality

Time: June 19-20 2008

Papers presented:


Kalle Moene (co-authors Alexander Cappelen, Erik Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden):

Rich Meets Poor.

Dilip Mookherjee (co-author Debraj Ray): A Dynamic Incentive Based Argument for Conditional Transfers.

Jean-Marie Baland and Rohini Somanathan: Social Sanctions and Enforcement in Microcredit.

Fredrik Willumsen (co-authors Jo Thori Lind and Kalle Moene): Opium for the masses? How conflicts stimulate poppy cultivation in Afghanistan.

Pranab Bardhan (co-author Dilip Mookherjee): Aspects of Local Governance in Rural West Bengal.

Maitreesh Ghatak (co-author Tim Besley): A Theory of Social Enterprise.

Rohini Pande (co-author Abhijit Banerjee): Parochial Politics: Ethnic Preferences and Politician Corruption.

Pramila Krishnan (co-author Emanuela Sciubba): Links and architecture in village networks.

Rocco Macchiavello (co-author Mikhail Drugov): Self-Discovery, Lending and Microentrepreneurship.

Jo Thori Lind (co-author Kalle Moene): Miserly Development.

Jean-Philippe Platteau (co-author Petros G. Sekeris): On the Feasibility of Power and Status in Traditional Set-ups.



Name: Workshop on Wage Inequality

Time: October 9-10 2008

Papers presented:

David Autor (co-authors Alan Manning and Christopher L. Smith): The Minimum Wage’s Role in the Evolution of U.S. Wage Inequality over Three Decades: A Modest Re-Assessment.

Thomas Lemieux (co-author Bentley MacLeod and Daniel Parent): Performance Pay, Wage Flexibility, and Hours Worked.

Salvador Ortigueira: Technical Change and the Wage-Setting Process.

David Domeij (co-author Lars Ljungqvist): The Missing Swedish Skill Premium: Sweden versus the United States 1970-2002.

Kjell Gunnar Salvanes (co-authors Giulia Faggio and John Van Reenen): The Evolution of Inequality in Productivity and Wages: Panel Data Evidence.

Costas Meghir (co-author Hamish Low and Luigi Pistaferri): Wage Risk and Employment Risk over the Life Cycle.

Magnus Gustavsson: Earnings dynamics and inequality: A comparison across educational attainment groups.

Kjetil Storesletten (co-author J. Heathcote and G. Violante): The Macroeconomic Implications of Rising Wage Inequality in the United States.

Torbjørn Hægeland (co-authors Erling Barth, Bernt Bratsberg and Oddbjørn Raaum):

Wage Inequality and Selective Labor Force Participation.




Name: Perspectives on Equality and Welfare spending

Time: October 25-27 2007 Papers presented:


Kalle Moene (co-author Erling Barth): The equality multiplier in three worlds of welfare spending

Joan Esteban (co-author Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay): Redistributive Taxation and Public Expenditures.

Marie-Anne Valfort (co-author Roland Iwan Luttens): Voting for redistribution under desert-sensitive altruism

Erik Sørensen (co-authors Alexander Cappelen, Kalle Moene, and Bertil Tungodden):

Fairness and poverty: an international experiment

Torben Andersen: Unemployment insurance and taxation: Incentives vs. insurance

Bertil Holmlund: Income responses to tax changes: A dynamic panel data approach

Pierre Cahuc (co-authors Philippe Aghion, Yann Algan): Can Policy Influence Culture? The Interplay Between MinimumWage Legislation and Unionization Behaviour

Åsa Rosen (co-author Steinar Holden): Discrimination and employment protection

(work in progress)

Mari Rege (co-authors Kjetil Telle and Mark Votruba): Parental Job Loss and Children’s School Performance: What Can We Learn From Plant Closures? (discussion paper)

Erling Barth (co-authors Bernt Bratsberg, Torbjørn Hægeland, and Oddbjørn Raaum):

Performance pay and within-firm wage inequality

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