Format of the Master's thesis

Decided by the Master's thesis committee April 2006 (revised October 2010, January 2012 and April 2016)

1. Structure

  • The thesis must have a title, a preface, a table of contents, a list of references, page numbers and chapter numbers. It should also contain a summary or abstract of 1-3 pages
  • The front page of the master's thesis must include:
    • Title of the thesis
    • Name of student
    • Name of the master’s programme
    • Department of Economics
    • University of Oslo
    • Submitted: month and year
  • The preface following after the front page should give the names of the supervisor(s) and any other acknowledgement. If the thesis has been supported by paid employment or is part of a larger project, the institutional affiliation and financial sources should be mentioned
  • The summary or abstract should describe the problem, methods and main results of the thesis. The summary may appear as the introductional chapter. The introduction should give information about the kind of software used for calculations
  • Data sets should be annexed, if possible and practical

2. Layout

  • The recommended layout is to use a margin of 2.5 cm, line spacing of 1.5 and a 12-point font (You may also use the standards in the DUO-template)
  • The recommended length of the thesis is 40-60 pages, including references, tables and figures. However, the grade depends on the substantial content of the thesis, and not the number of pages. Thus, a shorter thesis can be fine if the exposition is concise and the substantial content is sufficient. The thesis can also be longer if more space is required for documentation of relevant empirical and/or analytical results
  • The page numbering should start at the first text page. Accordingly the front page, the preface and the table of contents will not have page numbers. Any annex or appendix should be placed after the list of references
  • Tables and figures should be numbered. Tables should have headings to explain the contents, possibly supplemented by footnotes, the same rule holds for figures

3. References

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