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Plan your career

Studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences lays the foundation for exciting job opportunities in the future. If you have insight into how you can use your knowledge and experience in various arenas, have completed your degree and have a good professional understanding, you have good career and job opportunities. Preparing for life after studies is a process that takes time and starts early. We provide you with career support from the start of your studies to work.


Discover your future

We have created an offer to make it easier for you to discover your opportunities during your studies, how you can become more aware of what you can do and what you want, and to make good choices for the future. Discover your future consists of career subjects adapted to your bachelor's or master's course of study. The courses consist of a combination of e-learning modules in Canvas, which you can take as it suits you, as well as physical seminars where you get the opportunity to work on the various topics.

You register for the courses in Studentweb. Participation is voluntary. This is an offer by the The Career Services at UiO.


Career interviews with alumni

  • Portrait photo of Sigurd Oland Nedrelid
    Special Adviser

    Sigurd Oland Nedrelid works as a special adviser at the Agency for Climate, City of Oslo.

  • helle-stensbak-lite
    Chief Economist

    Helle Stensbak works for The Confederation of Vocational Unions (YS).

  • Portrait photo of Erlend Finstad
    Project Engineer

    Erlend Sveen Finstad works as a project engineer at the Agency for Planning and Building Services (Plan- og bygningsetaten), City of Oslo.

  • Image may contain: Person, Hair, Face, Facial expression, Scarf.
    Managing Director

    Anja works in Norwegian Physicians against Nuclear Weapons.

  • Image may contain: Shirt, Hair, Eyebrow, Forehead, Chin.

    Bård Ola works for NHO.

  • Photo of Hannah Eline Ander smiling
    Communication Advisor

    Hannah Eline Ander works as a Communication advisor at The Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM)


The Science Shop - collaborative projects between Master students and companies and organizations

Career Services - can help you plan and prepare for employment

Contact the Career and employabiltiy coordinator at the Faculty of Social Sciences.