Student Democracy at the Faculty of Social Sciences

The students are represented in all boards and councils where decisions affecting the students are made. By getting involved you will gain an understanding of how the University, Faculty and your Department function, and you will be part of an interesting environment.

Student influence at the Faculty of Social Sciences

As a student at the Faculty of Social Sciences you have the opportunity to get involved at a number of different levels. As a student representative you will not only be able to promote issues that are important to the students, you will also receive valuable experience from board activities, and a large contact network at the University of Oslo.

At Department level: students committee for the specific programme

All study programmes at the faculty of Social Sciences has its own Students’ committee for students accepted to the Master’s or Bachelor’s programme. As a representative in a student committee you will act as a link between the students in your programme, and the administrative and academic staff at your Department. You will also have the opportunity to attend the meetings of the Programme council or the Department Board, which represents the highest level of board activity at each department, and promote causes on behalf of the students at your study programme. Both boards include representatives from the student committees, as well as representatives from the administrative and academic staff.

At the faculty level: Studentutvalget ved det samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultet (SVSU)

SVSU is the highest student committee at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Student Committee is elected by the students at the faculty, and looks after the interests of the students. SVSU have two representatives on the Faculty Board, elected for a one year period at the time. They are also represented with a permanent seat in the Student parliament, and at the Norwegian Student Unions ( NSU) National Academic Board for the Social Sciences (Nasjonale Fagråd for Samfunnsvitenskaplige fag).

At the university level: Student parliament

The highest student agency at UiO is the Student parliament. The Student parliament looks after the interests of the students by acting as the voice of the students and their representative towards the management of the University, the local government (Oslo kommune) and the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget). The Student parliament consists of 36 elected representatives, who are elected each year in march/april. The student parliament appoints two student representatives to sit on the University Board, the highest agency at the University of Oslo.


The students committees recruit through general meetings for all students at the study programme, so keep an eye out for notices and e-mails from your Department. The students committees are responsible for finding and electing representatives for their respective committees. When the Students’ committees have reported their representatives, they will be summoned to, and receive case documents for, the meetings they will attend.

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