PhD Courses in the Social Sciences

Upcoming PhD courses

Aug. 3, 2022Sep. 4, 2022, Gaustadalléen 30D: Møterom 420
Aug. 15, 2022Aug. 19, 2022, University of Bergen
Aug. 15, 2022Aug. 30, 2022, Hybrid course: Zoom and University of Bergen
Aug. 15, 2022 9:00 AMAug. 19, 2022 4:00 PM, Universitetet i Stavanger
Aug. 22, 2022Aug. 26, 2022, Blindern

About the website

This website provides an overview of PhD courses in the Social Sciences offered at Norwegian universities. Courses with an English headline are given in English and courses with a Norwegian headline are given in Norwegian.

For more detailed information about a given course or registration to a course, please contact the course organizer (university or university college) or visit the course website.