Madeleine Thorstensen

PhD Research Fellow


Madeleine Thorstensen PhD candidate at Center for Research on Extremism. Her PhD is part of the Investigating Contested Theories on Extreme-Right Terrorism (INCONTEXT) project led by Jacob Aasland Ravndal, in collaboration with The Norwegian Police University College. Her PhD investigates the effects of repression on right-wing terrorism and violence. She is the former team leader of the Right-Wing Terrorism and Violence (RTV) Dataset and has worked two years as a research assistant at C-REX. She holds a MPhil degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and a BA degree in International Studies from the University of Oslo.

Tags: Terrorism, Political Violence, Extremism, Repression


  • Ravndal, Jacob Aasland; Tandberg, Charlotte; Jupskås, Anders Ravik & Thorstensen, Madeleine (2022). RTV Trend Report 2022 - Right-Wing Terrorism and Violence in Western Europe, 1990 - 2021. Senter for ekstremismeforskning (C-REX), Universitetet i Oslo.
  • Ravndal, Jacob Aasland; Thorstensen, Madeleine Marie Tønnesen; Jupskås, Anders Ravik & Macklin, Graham David (2021). RTV Trend Report 2021: Right-Wing Terrorism and Violence in Western Europe, 1990 - 2020. Universitetet i Oslo.

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