Lars Nyberg

Professor II
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Telefon +46 70 609 27 75
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Postadresse Dept. of Integrative Medical Biology Umeå University SE-901 87 Umeå

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I am professor of neuroscience at Umeå University (Radiation Sciences & Integrative Medical Biology). I serve as the Director of Umeå Center for Functional Brain Imaging (UFBI).

My research focus is to use brain-imaging techniques to examine memory functions in healthy and diseased individuals.

One of the research projects that I am working on is the Betula study. The project’s objective is to study how memory functions change during adult life to determine risk factors for dementia and early signs of dementia. The results from the project show that there are strong genetic contributions to differences in memory and that these map on to structural and functional brain changes.


  • Member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (2008, Member 1574)

  • KA Wallenberg Scholar (2009)

  • Mångbergs Prize in Neural Sciences, Umea University, Sweden (2008)

  • Gustafsson Prize in medicine from The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (2007)

  • Brain Research Interactive Young Investigator Award (2002).

  • Award from the Royal Skytteanska Society to 'eminent young researchers’ (1994)

Emneord: Nevrovitenskap, Kognitiv psykologi og nevropsykologi, Senter for livsløpsendringer i hjerne og kognisjon


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