New PROMENTA colleagues at the Department of Psychology

At the turn of the year, PROMENTA welcomed another two new staff members. Linn Bonaventure Norbom is a post doctoral fellow in the research group on Neurocognitive Development, and Live Skow Hofgaard is a PhD-candidate associated with the Neighborhood Genetics group. 

Linn Bonaventure Norbom recently completed her PhD in Neuroscience at PSI in close collaboration with NORMENT. During her PhD project, Norbom used newer and little explored MRI intensity measures to investigate structural brain development from early childhood to young adulthood, in relation to neurodevelopmental psychopathology risk. Adolescence is Norbom’s main focus as it is, in addition to being a time of dramatic bodily, behavioral, and sociocultural change, critically the time where many mental disorders emerge, and when treatments may have their most potent effects. This duality is likely a reflection of the adolescent brain’s protracted development and remarkable ability to adjust according to social environmental demands.

For her post doc with PROMENTA, Norbom will therefore continue along the same lines, exploring adolescence and neurodevelopmental disorders, as well as substance abuse, utilizing state of the art methods such as multimodal fusion and normative modelling. As important observations have shown that disorders are heterogeneous, comorbid and that symptoms occur on a continuum, thereby challenging the current diagnostic systems, Norbom will use a symptom-focused and transdiagnostic approach, and large population samples.


Image may contain: Woman, Face, Hair, Photograph, Eyebrow.Live Skow Hofgaard recently finished her Cand. Psychol. at the University of Oslo. She started working as a project team member at the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress studies, focusing on evaluating a low-threshold, community-based TF-CBT treatment for children. She is now back at the University of Oslo as a PhD candidate for PROMENTA at the Department of Psychology. Hofgaard is interested in illness prevention and health promotion. Her thesis was on the topic of resilience, and she now hopes to build on this work in her PhD. 

Published Jan. 21, 2020 1:52 PM - Last modified Jan. 21, 2020 1:52 PM