Values, Value Change and Conflict Lines in European Countries (completed)

The project aims at analysing political values in a comparative setting by using comparative survey data. 

About the project

The fourth round of the European Values Study conducted in 2008 in 47 countries is the data source of this project. This study will primarily focus upon all EU-countries and in addition Island, Norway and Switzerland

The political and social value orientations that will be examined are:

  • Religious/secular values
  • Economic left-right values
  • Environmental values
  • Libertarian/authoritarian values
  • Basic orientations towards immigration and integration policy.

The central research questions are to compare value priorities across countries and to examine the impact of values on political identifications (such as the left-right self- placement scale, party choice and political behaviour.


The basic aim of the project is to establish basic knowledge about cross-national differences and similarities on value orientations and about the relationship between value orientations and political identities, party choice and political behaviour


The results will be published in articles and books. They will also be presented at international conferences.


The project does not need new data collection. Project assistance is financed by the Department of Political Science.

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