ResilienceBuilding: Social Resilience, Gendered Dynamics, and Local Peace in Protracted Conflicts

Photo: Jana Krause/City of Jos, Nigeria

About the project

How can ‘resilient communities’ remain resilient in protracted conflicts and contribute to a sustainable peace? How do local conflicts link to national conflicts and what are the implications for peacebuilding? What are the gender dimensions of social resilience? This project pursues an empirically-grounded research agenda into social resilience in conflict-affected areas, focusing on Nigeria, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and Kenya. It asks how civilians and communities develop social resilience and adapt to conflict dynamics in ways that prevent or mitigate violence, how they maintain resilience and prevent renewed vulnerability to conflict re-escalation, and how social resilience impacts peacebuilding and development. The project further focuses on interlinking national and local dynamics of communal conflict and civil war to study the potential and limitations of international and local peacebuilding efforts and barriers to sustainable peace. The research into social resilience and multi-level conflict dynamics integrates a gender perspective, examining gendered coping mechanisms and women’s movements and peacebuilding agency on the national and local level.



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 852816

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Selected publications

Project-related Publications

Krause, Jana. 2018. Resilient Communities: Non-Violence and Civilian Agency in Communal War. Cambridge University Press. 

Krause, Jana. 2019. Gender Dimensions of (Non)Violence in Communal Conflict: The Case of Jos, Nigeria. Comparative Political Studies, 52:10, 1466–1499. 

Krause, Jana. 2019. Stabilization and Local Conflicts: Communal and Civil War in South SudanEthnopolitics, 18:5, 478-493.

Krause, Jana, Werner Krause and Piia Braenfors. 2018. Women’s Participation in Peace Negotiations and the Durability of PeaceInternational Interactions, 44:6, 985-1016.

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Principal Investigator: Jana Krause