EUMARGINS Book to be publised by Ashgate

We are happy to announce that the Ashgate Publishing Group has accepted to publish a book based upon the national context reviews and the transnational review resulting from the first phase of the EUMARGINS project. The forthcoming book will focus on barriers and bridges that young adults with immigrant background are facing in Europe today, and discuss their conditions for inclusion and exclusion.

A key objective for the book is to give a comprehensive and updated review of different national frameworks that young adults with immigrant backgrounds are facing in Europe. Together with extensive reviews from Italy, Spain, France, the UK, Estonia, Sweden and Norway, the publication will include a transnational analysis focusing on public discourse and the legal, political and economic situation of young adult immigrants.


We are looking forward to collaborating with Ashgate in finalizing the manuscript for the book, and happy to see that contributions from EUMARGINS' researchers will reach a  broader public. 

Tags: Europe, barriers, bridges, exclusion, immigrants, inclusion, opportunities, young adults By K. Fossan
Published Sep. 22, 2010 2:01 PM - Last modified Sep. 15, 2021 10:16 AM