Podcast: #21for21 featuring Karen O´Brien

Dear Future, I am Ready, to generate quantum social change…With this opening Karen O´Brien starts off in an inspiring conversation in this episode of the 21for21 podcast hosted by Digital Society School.

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In this podcast Karen O’Brien talks  Marco Van Hout and  about what matters, what is equatable, and what is sustainable.

Listen to the podcast here: 

Some key takeaways from the conversation: 

🎤  We are being challenged on all fronts today and it’s easy to think about what problem to prioritize, but from my perspective it is just one big problem: a relationship problem.

🎤  When we start to realize that ‘how we show up in the moment’ really matters, we  can really start having a much bigger impact on the systems, the structures and the way we have organized society.

🎤   We talk a lot about agency, and when I think about that, I like to see ourselves as ‘fractals’: we are the systems, we are the collective, we are not separate. 


Published July 7, 2021 11:04 AM - Last modified July 7, 2021 11:05 AM