Call for Papers on Climate Change and Action Research

Action Research is inviting articles for the special issue: Climate Change and Action Research: Creating Transformative Knowledge With Stakeholders.

Photo by André Freitas on Unsplash

This Special Issue aim to highlight the knowledge that Action Research can provide on themes related to social changes in a change climate. There is currently a large mis-match between goals and reality in climate change responses. Action Research is well position to provide co-created knowledge and insights on the relationship between knowledge and action, focusing on stakeholder engagement and diversity of expression. 

The Special Issue Editor is Hilary Bradbury and the editor team includes Steve Waddell; Marina Apgar; Tom Wakeford; Karen O’ Brien, Ioan Fazey, Rik Peters, Benito Teehankee.

Papers due to ARJ January 30, 2018. 

The following questions are relevant for this special issue: 

  • How do action researchers generate transformative knowledge creation within a domain that has been largely dominated by conventional natural sciences and economics? How can action researchers and conventional scientists work better together to navigate the power and politics of scholarship to realize epistemological complementarities required for meaningful outcomes?

  • How can conventional science’s research designs be re-designed/complemented/influenced by Action Research design?

  • How do subjective & intersubjective knowledge claims interweave with objective knowledge claims in a way that furthers a transformative change agenda in response to climate change?

  • How are the material differences of specific spaces and places to be accounted for in what needs to be a global transformation?

  • What are relevant examples and exemplars of transformative knowledge from which we can learn?

  • How is indigenous knowledge, traditional knowledge, knowledge democracy, and other ex- cluded epistemologies to be included?

  • What is required for good exemplars of action research that link across scale (e.g., between a community base and institutionalizing powers)?

  • How do we develop truly integrated efforts that are actionable - combining the exteriorizing focus of systems thinking with the interiorizing focus on relationships, gender and racial power dynamics (etc) that can allow for authentic transformation to happen?

  • What happens when more attention is given to convening convivial and purpose-driven rela- tional spaces as a prelude to transforming behavior, i.e., spaces that balance between agency and community to avoid the dulling of the radical spirit of transformation that many change agents carry?

  • What does planning look like in transformational efforts? How different is it from conventional ideas of planning in related spaces (such as international development)? Many action re- searchers assume planning needs to be more emergent and generative, but what does that really mean in practice? 

The read more about the call for papers click here. 


Published Aug. 7, 2017 4:17 PM - Last modified Aug. 8, 2017 9:19 AM