Course registration for exchange students

As an exchange student you have to register for courses before you arrive.

If you have any questions, please contact SV-info

About courses

Credits and course load

A full-time student takes courses worth 30 credits per semester. 

Information about the course system at the University of Oslo.

Course selection

You may choose courses from the different faculties at the University of Oslo:

Search for courses:

Timetable information and exam dates

Timetable information, exam date(s) and syllabus for the autumn semester will be published on the semester page “Autumn 2022” on May 25th. On the course page, click the semester page “Autumn 2022” to find the required information.

  • You are responsible for making sure that the times and dates for lectures, seminars and exams do not collide.
  • It is not possible to change the date of an exam.
  • You can apply for courses from June 1st to June 8th. Please apply early in order for SV-info to be able to help you if you have any issues with your registration. 

Before you start course registration

Communicate with your home university:

  • How many credits do you need to take?
  • Do you need to take specific courses in order to fulfill your degree requirements?

Make a list of courses in order of priority and write down:

  • Exam dates
  • Lecture dates / times
  • Where applicable: seminar dates / times (some courses have several seminars which you can rank in order of priority during the registration process)
  • Does the course have formal prerequisites? See "Prerequisites" at the course page. 

    How to register for courses

    You register for bachelor and master level courses in Studentweb between June 1st and June 8th.

    If you cannot find your preferred courses in your Studentweb it might be because it is master level courses, courses with formal prerequisites or courses taught in Norwegian. Please submit the online form you will find on the website below and we will evaluate if you are qualified to take the courses.

    If you have not received an SMS with your username, you can also fill out the online form.

    Your chances of being admitted to courses does not depend on when you apply, as long as you apply by June 8th. 

    Course registration in Studentweb

    Please register for bachelor level courses online in Studentweb by June 8th. If you register for courses online before arriving in Oslo you have a better chance of being admitted to the courses you wish to take.

    Log in to Studentweb

    You log in to Studentweb with your UiO-username and password. You receive your UiO-username in a text message on your phone at the turn of the month November/December and you must create a password. Please read information about username and password.

    To register for courses in Studentweb you need to:

    • Complete registration steps 1 - 5
    • Choose courses at step 2 “Study plan”
    • Click "Add" next to the course you want to take
    • Complete all steps for each course.
    • You can check which courses you have signed up for under "My active courses"

    Go to online form (opens June 1st)



    June 1st - June 8th.

    • Apply for courses from June 1st to June 8th.
    • After the deadline June 8th your registration window will show 'Admission in progress'.
    • Log in to Studentweb on June 14th to see if you have been admitted to the courses.

    June 15th - August 18th


    • August 18th you get another chance to register for courses in Studentweb.
    • After the deadline August 18th your registration window will again show 'Admission in progress'.
    • Log in to Studentweb on August 22nd to see if you have been admitted to the courses

    August 23rd

    • From August 23rd you get a final chance to register for courses in Studentweb.
    • At this time many courses are full and available spots fill up quickly.

    Courses not available in Studentweb

    Master level courses, courses with formal prerequisites and courses taught in Norwegian might not appear in Studentweb.

    Please submit the online form if you cannot find you preferred courses in your Studentweb. Based on the documentation you have sent us in your online application, we will evaluate if you are qualified to take the courses.

    Information about prerequisites is found on each course page under “Prerequisites”.

    Please submit the form as soon as possible with the following information:

    • a prioritized list of courses that you would like to take
    • include the courses you have already registered for in Studentweb, but specify which courses you need help to register for
    • state how many credits you would like to take in total
    • if the course has seminars rank the seminar groups in order of priority (please rank three seminar groups)

    We will then assess your eligibility for your preferred courses and see if it is possible to register you manually. Course registration will depend on availability, capacity, and whether you have met the prerequisite requirements.

    Go to online form (opens June 1st)

    Norwegian language courses: Register in Studentweb

    You register for Norwegian language courses in Studentweb. 

    Information about Norwegian language courses from the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavia Studies

    If you would like an introduction to Norwegian language, you may sign up for this online Norwegian language course. See more information.

    September 1st: Final deadline

    The final deadline for course registration is September 1st. However, it is important that you apply before June 8th. September 1st is the final deadline to make sure that everything is correct in Studentweb. 


    Please contact SV-info.

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