Checklist for new master's students

What you should do before starting your studies

1. Attend information meetings for your program

The study programs arrange welcome and information meetings where you meet fellow students and teachers, and you get all the information and help you need to get started. See the time and place for information meetings on the program pages for your study program.

2. Create an UiO password

All students are sent a username by SMS before they start studying. You can create your own password here.

If you did not receive a username or forgot your password, please see here.

What you need to do by September 1st

3. Pay the semester fee

It is a good idea to pay in Studentweb as soon as possible so that you can get your access card for UiO and a loan from Lånekassen. Read more about the semester fee.

4. Register for the semester and sign up for courses in Studentweb

You should do this as soon as possible so that you have access to teaching resources in Canvas.

5. Obtain a valid student ID

Once you have paid the semester fee and registered in Studentweb, you can get a valid student ID. Download the mobile app Studentbevis, or order a semester receipt on paper.

This is your proof that you are a student during the fall semester.

6. Make an appointment to obtain a student card

Student cards give you access to rooms and buildings at UiO, can be used as library cards at our libraries and allow you use printers equipped card readers.

You must book an appointment and pick up your student card at SiO Customer Center located in Kristian Ottosen's house at Blindern.

7. Get acquainted with important digital platforms

Special needs?

You can apply for adapted teaching and exams.

Master's Programs at the Faculty of Social Sciences

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