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The three crises of globalisation: An anthropological history of the early 21st century

Read An overheated world A short Introduction to OVERHEATING by Thomas Hylland Eriksen. Full text of the paper is available as a downloadable pdf.


The latest News from the project:

  • 507knowles-flipflops Studying flip-flops means studying the hidden backroads of globalisation Nov 1, 2014

    Following the life of the worlds' simplest shoe provides encounters with the biggest migration streams in history, flip-flop smugglers in fast cars or on camels, and anxious company owners who don't want researchers nosing around.

  • 507debtclock Understanding finance through fiction Oct 10, 2014

    Economic theories are not enough to understand economic processes. At the next Overheating seminar, Nina Boy will show that literary studies can provide important insights into the world of finance.

  • 507archipelago – An alternative to the classical eurocentric way of thinking Oct 3, 2014

    Learn from Caribbeans and see the world as many small interconnected islands that can only exist as a whole, says Kristian Van Haesendonck, who will speak at the next Overheating-seminar.

  • 507macae-sign When a sleepy fishing village becomes Brazil’s oil capital Sep 27, 2014

    40 years ago it was an insignificant fishing village, now Macaé is Brazil’s bustling oil capital. While the oil rush is widely celebrated, both the favelas of the poor and the gated communities of the rich are growing, says Caroline Inglingstad.

  • 507img_1276 A dangerous struggle for land rights and progress in the rainforest Sep 17, 2014

    ​Even deep in the Amazon jungle people feel the consequences of global economic policies. In Peru, Margrethe Steinert is studying how the Asháninka indigenous people deal with mining companies, migrants and the neoliberal state.

  • 507tijo – Study the powerful to change the world! Sep 5, 2014

    – To achieve a more equitable world, we need to better understand how power works. It’s a pity that only few anthropologists study up, says Tijo Salverda, who will speak at the next Overheating seminar about globally operating investors such as the Norwegian Pension Fund and Coca Cola.

  • 507protest Anthropologists expose the tension between profits and sustainability Sep 2, 2014

    When mining sites, shipyards and power plants are built in their neighborhoods, many locals feel they have no say in it. – When big money is involved, politics tends to become less democratic. The slogan is no longer ‘people first’, but ‘money first’, Thomas Hylland Eriksen said at the largest gathering of anthropologists in Europe.

  • 507hotels Tourism hinders organic farming Aug 13, 2014

    Corsica is perfectly suited for organic farming. But the growing tourism industry has turned arable land into housing estates. Young people are unsuccessfully looking for farm land, says anthropologist Marie Stormo Nilsson.

  • 507bananafarmer Lazy farmers or unfair world trade? Jul 29, 2014

    Fair prices, better working conditions, security: It is supposed to be a solution to economic injustice. But in the tiny Caribbean island Dominica, more and more banana farmers are leaving Fair Trade, tells Frida Aamnes.

  • 507market-powercut Power cuts create new inequalities Jun 18, 2014

    Lack of energy not only harms businesses in Nepal, but also contributes to new class divides, pollution and migration to richer countries.

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