Welfare state data

  • International Labour Organization (ILO): Laborsta database
    ILO Department of Statistics internet database includes macro data for the world on the topics: Total and Economically Active Population, Employment, Unemployment, Hours of Work, Wages, Labour Cost, Consumer Price Indices, Occupational Injuries, Strikes and Lockouts, Household Income and Expenditure and International Labour Migration. The data are panel and time-series structured data.

    Data classification: Indexes of nation states
    Region: Global
    Time period: 1945-present
    Format: MS Excel

  • Miriam Golden's Dataverse
    Miriam A. Golden's, University of California at Los Angeles, dataverse includes datasets on labor unions and employment.

    Data classification: Aggregated on the national level
    Region: Global
    Time period: 1950-1995, 2004-2009, 2012.
    Format: MS Excel, STATA

  • Comparative Welfare States Dataset
    The Comparative Welfare States Dataset was compiled as part of the project "the Welfare State in Comparative Perspective", directed by Evelyne Huber, Charles Ragin and John Stephens. The focus of the project was to collect a wide range of indicators of welfare state development, its causes and its outcomes. Political variables are based on expert coding. Socioeconomic data based on official registers, national accounts and surveys, gathered from international organisations such as the OECD and the ILO. Pooled Cross Section Time-Series data.

    Data classification: Aggregated on the nation state level
    Region: 18 western countries, Europe and USA
    Time period: 1960-2003
    Format: MS Excel

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