Governments, political parties and elections results

  • Parties and Elections in Europe
    The database provides a comprehensive database about the parliamentary elections in the European countries and autonomous subdivisions since 1945 and additional informations about political parties, electoral systems, acting political leaders, composition of governments and electoral laws. The parties are characterized according to their political orientation. The website also contains a calendar of upcoming parliamentary elections, news around the world of parties and links to parties and national election authorities.

    Data classification: Election results
    Region: Europe
    Time period: 1945-present
    Format: HTML

  • IDEA Election Turnout Website
    The International IDEA Voter Turnout Website contains a comprehensive global collection of voter turnout statistics. Regularly updated voter turnout figures for national presidential and parliamentary elections since 1945, as well as European Parliament elections. The data are presented country by country using both the number of registered voters and voting age population as indicators. Where available, we also include the spoilt ballot rate for each election.

    Data classification: Aggregated and nation state level
    Region: Global
    Time period: Vary, from 1945 and beyond
    Format: HTML

  • IFES’ Electionguide
    The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) fronts democracy and give aid in organizing elections in young democracies. The election guide includes dates for past and coming elections, election results and election turnout around the globe.

    Data classification: Nation state level
    Region: Global
    Time period: 1998-present
    Format: HTML

  • United Kingdom Election Results
    Includes data concerning elections to the United Kingdom Parliament and elections to the European Parliament.

    Data classification: Election constituency and national level
    Region: Great Britain
    Time period: 1832-2005
    Format: HTML

  • PARLINE database on national parliaments
    The PARLINE database contains information on the structure and working methods of 261 parliamentary chambers in all of the 193 countries where a national legislature exists. Includes statistics and facts regarding national assembly, last election results, an overview on the electoral system and an election archive on past elections.

    Data classification: Election data on the national level
    Region: Global, 193 countries
    Time period: Vary, generally on the last election
    Format: HTML

  • Democratic electoral systems around the world
    An extensive global data set on democratic electoral systems in a single database. The site includes a codebook and a published paper describing the data. Includes 867 legislative elections and 294 presidential elections.

    Data classification: Aggregated on the national level
    Region: 199 countries
    Time period: 1946-2011
    Format: MS Excel

  • Duane Swank’s Comparative Parties Dataset
    A time-series dataset that includes data on electoral, legislative and government strength of political parties grouped by party families.
    Data classification: Aggregated on the national level
    Region: 21 countries classified as Capitalist Democracies
    Time period: 1950-2011
    Format: MS Excel

  • Election Portal:
    The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development’s information site on the last Parliamentary Election, the Sami Assembly Election and regional County and Municipal Elections.

    Data classification: Election data
    Region: Norway
    Time period: Last election
    Format: HTML

  • Benoit and Laver: Party Policy in Modern Democracies
    Expert survey on political parties, covering various conflict dimensions and positions on EU integration. Time-series format.

    Data classification: Scale of political position
    Region: Global, 47 countries
    Time period: 2003-2004
    Format: SPSS, STATA

  • Parliament and government composition database (ParlGov)
    ParlGov is a data infrastructure for political science and contains information for all EU and most OECD democracies (37 countries). The database combines approximately1500 parties910 elections (8300 results), and 1400 cabinets (3400 parties).

    Data classification: Scale of political position
    Region: EU and some OECD countries
    Time period: 1945-present
    Format: MS Excel, SQLite (STATA and R)

  • Constitutional Change and Parliamentary Democracies (CCPD)
    The various volumes produced within the CPD program describe every governing coalition, the parliamentary seat distribution after each election, and the institutional rules under which the parliaments operated from the post-World War II beginning of 17 national regimes to 1999. The program investigated the ways in which governance in parliamentary democracies is conditioned by institutional mechanisms. To uncover these dynamics, we drew primarily from analytical tools developed in modern game theory and institutional economics. 

    Data classification: Expert survey, Cabinets preferences, institutions, bargaining environment
    Region: 17 Western European democracies for post-WWII
    Time period: 1945-2008
    Format: SPSS, STATA, MS Excel

The homepage includes election results, polling data and a summary of publication from the Institute for Social Research’s Norwegian Program of Electoral Research.

Data classification: Varied
Region: Norway
Time period: Varied, centered from 1885 to present
Format: PDF


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