War, civil war, terrorism and other conflict data

  • UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset
    The PRIO site includes several datasets with variables around the armed-conflict topic. The datasets contains conflict data variables as intercity, time elapse, participating countries and armed fractions and groups. The datasets have different structures. Includes the UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset.

    Data classification: Various
    Region: Global
    Time period: 1945-present
    Format: MS Excel

  • Uppsala Conflict Data Program
    Includes datasets as Conflict Termination and Non-State Conflict. The datasets are continuously updated. Some datasets overlaps the PRIO site.

    Data classification: Aggregated level and nation state level
    Region: Global and historical nation states
    Time period: 1815-present
    Format: MS Excel

  • Correlates of War (COW)
    The COW project was founded in 1963 by J. David Singer and are continuously updated and extended. Several datasets regarding armed conflict and international relations are available.

    Data classification: Aggregated level, mainly at the nation state level. Includes other levels
    Region: Global
    Time period: 1816-present
    Format: MS Excel

  • Political Terror Scale (PTS)
    The PTS measures levels of political violence and terror that a country experiences in a particular year based on a 5-level “terror scale” originally developed by Freedom House. The data used in compiling this index comes from two different sources: The yearly country reports of Amnesty International and the U.S. State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.

    Data classification: Index
    Region: Global
    Time period: 1976-2015
    Format: MS Excel

  • Terrorism in Western Europe: Events Data (TWEED)
    The TWEED dataset contains information on events related to internal (or domestic) terrorism.

    Data classification: Terror events
    Region: 18 West European countries
    Time period: 1950-2004
    Format: SPSS

  • Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey
    The Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey were launched in October 1998 as a resource for everyone interested in the social attitudes of people living in Northern Ireland. Yearly survey with some repeating times-series variables. Includes questions concerning the peace-process.

    Data classification: Survey
    Region: Northern Ireland
    Time period: 1998-2015, some time-series variables
    Format: SPSS
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