Available software at the Faculty of Social Science (SV)

UiO provides a list of programs, with information about most of the programs available to students and employes. Beneath follows a table with special cases for the Faculty of Social Science.


On this page you can find information about which programs are available in the faculty's class rooms and computer labs.

The availability of programs has been adapted to the courses given at SV. It is not allowed to install programs on one's own, and we do not have much capacity to install extra software during the semester.

Category Standard Additional  
Operating system Windows 7    
Office programs Office 2007 pro    
Office programs OpenOffice    
Internet/communication Internet Explorer Firefox In some labs and classrooms
Internet/communication X-win32    
File compression 7 Zip    
Document reader GSview    
References Endnote    
Analysis/statistics/math IBM SPSS 19    
Analysis/statistics/math IBM SPSS Amos 19    
Analysis/statistics/math   PCgive Training Room HHH
Analysis/statistics/math   R and RStudio UiO-Programkiosk
Analysis/statistics/math   Maple  
Analysis/statistics/math   Mlwin Training Room HHH and UiO-Programkiosk
Analysis/statistics/math   Matlab Training Room HHH and UiO-Programkiosk
Analysis/statistics/math   Stata 11 Training Room HHH and UiO-Programkiosk. Limited access
Analysis/statistics/math   Spectrum Training Room HHH (autumn)
Analysis/statistics/math   Nvivo Harald Schjelderups building
Data analysis   Arcgis Training Room HHH and UiO-Programkiosk

Special: Some programs we have a licence for, but no opportunity to install everywhere. If an exception is made, these programs can be installed on machines sv-stud-0-90 and sv-stud-0-139. At present those machines have: NVivo

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