PhD-courses at TIK 2022

This is an overview of the PhD-courses offered at TIK for 2022. Course descriptions and course plans will be updated.

13. & 14. June 2022
Compulsory seminars for all candidates with admission to the PhD programme at The faculty of social sciences, direction Technology, Innovation and Culture.
Susanne Bauer

19.-23. September 2022
Science and Technology Studies: A PhD Introduction
STS Specialization course TIK9011 - 5 ECTS
Susanne Bauer

3.-5. October 2022
STS Methodologies: Devicing Ethnography
STS course TIK9014
Adolfo Estalella, Tómas Criado, TIK contact: Ana Delgado

14.-18. November 2022
Innovation, Welfare and Policy
Innovation course TIK9025
Fulvio Castellacci

21.-25. November 2022
STS Methodologies: Doing Document Analysis
STS course TIK9015
Kristin Asdal and Hilde Reinertsen

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