Årets ESST-masteroppgaver er leverte

Mandag 5.oktober leverte årets ESST-kull syv spennende masteroppgaver.

Fra venstre: Siam Florelius, Kristoffer Lorentsen, Lisa Ystgaard, Maria Reinlie, Harald Dean og Magnus Jacobsen. Foto: UiO.


  • Settling Nature. A case study of the Lynx in Norwegian carnivore management.
  • Ordering Power from Shore. An STS analysis of electrification of the Norwegian continental shelf.
  • Corporate Social Resposibility and Innovation. Analyzing the link between CSR and innovation; an exploratort approach to a closer undertsanding of the CSR-innovation link.
  • Scientific Governance. A case study of the Keyhole labeling scheme.
  • The Issue of Privacy in the European Union. Controversies of the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Gambling Treatment in Norway. Innovation, heatlh services and the voluntary sector.
  • Building innovation capability in an intergovernmental aid organization: A case study of UNICEF's innovation unit.


Publisert 6. okt. 2015 09:43 - Sist endret 6. okt. 2015 09:47