Teknovatøren #9: Civilization

Ever wondered what a civilization is, how they come to be, or how to get rid of one? The newest issue of the student magazine Teknovatøren is here to help.

Teknovatøren #9: Civilization

Understanding civilization

The newest issue of Teknovatøren has chosen as its point of departure the fantastcally broad term civilizaton. In relaton to the previous issue, which looked to the future based on current trends and developments, this issue takes a parallell but different approach. It centers on historical developments in the hope of understanding what we today have come to associate with civilizaton.

The working of an anthill

Have you ever looked at an anthill and wondered about its inner workings, offered up a ridiculous bet, or watched Doomsday Preppers? Perhaps you've considered dropping out of society altogether? If so, this issue of Teknovatøren is well worth a read.


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