Teknovatøren #8: The Future

Studentmagasinet Teknovatørens utgave #8 The Future kom ut i slutten av 2014, og løftet blikket mot fremtiden.

Teknovatøren #8

Fra den redaksjonelle lederen

We know that the temperature of the earth is rising, but are there technologically feasible solutions to change our course? Furthermore, we know that technology is becoming more intimate, and increasingly a given part of our lives, but where will we draw the line between the physical and digital world? Do we want to expose not just our thoughts and opinions, but our fingerprints and DNA to servers under foreign jurisdictions?

And we know that the usage of big data can help us map everything from human behavior to the universe itself, but are we really comfortable with the way this data is collected and analyzed? Can we trust the police to properly use this kind of information to predict and prevent crime before it even occurs? 

These are just a few of the questions we grapple with in this issue of Teknovatøren, and since every remaining moment of your life from this one and onward resides in the future, you really should come along for the ride.

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