Science + Design Atelier 2021: How to Make Economies Better?

Please join our Science+Design Atelier 21, organized by the Graduate Program in Strategic Design and Management at School of Design Strategies, Parsons, The New School. We will work on a recent proposal by Kristin Asdal et al. on how to think and make Good Economies.

We will start the day on Zoom by thinking to make, with Asdal’s presentation, followed by a discussion by Raz Godelnik (Parsons, SDS), Micah Smith (SDM’23) and Ines Wu (SDM’23). The second part of the day aims at making to think, and entails a Lightening Speculative Design Exercise carried out by five breakout groups made up of Atelier participants, facilitated by Shruthi Thyagarajan, Lucia Chen, Istem Akalp, Sara Rebelo and Louis Kopp, and coordinated by Anwesha Sengupta (all SDM’23). The second part will end with a response and discussion by Anthony Dunne (TNS) and followed by a response and elaboration by Kristin Asdal.

Gradute Program in Strategic Design and Management

Parsons, The New School


Science+Design Atelier 21 for New Economies and Societies

How to Make Economies Better?

December 1, 2021, 10:00 – 12:50 (New York Time)


10:00  Kristin Asdal’s presention of  “Good Economies”

10:20  Raz Godelnik, Micah Smith and Ines Wu present their reponses

10:35  Kristin Asdal addresses responses.

10:55  Question/Answer and Discussion.

11:15   Comfort Break 10 Mins

11:25 Lightening Speculative Design Exercises Begin

11:55 Design presentations

12:00 Anthony Dunne responds to presentations

12:40 Kritsin Asdal responds to design proposals and Dunne’s elaboration.  

12:50 Closing   

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