PhD midway seminar: The effect of new user sectors on CCS innovation

Jørgen Finstad is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK). This seminar marks his midway evaluation.

Jørgen Finstad is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK). This seminar marks his midway evaluation.

About the project:

Over the past decade, carbon capture and storage (CCS) has moved from being a technology primarily viewed as a solution for removing emissions from fossil power to being increasingly discussed as a tool for tackling hard-to-abate emissions from various industries and as part of the infrastructure for carbon dioxide removal. In many mitigation scenarios and net-zero strategies, the technology diffuses rapidly to multiple sectors and industries over the next few decades.

Rooted in innovation and sustainability transition studies, this project focuses on identifying socio-technical drivers and barriers for the next stage of CCS development. In particular, it seeks to understand what opportunities and challenges emerge as the technology interacts with new and different types of users and industries. It explores how interactions with different sectors – all with their own institutionalized norms, values, practices and technical needs – influence technology developers, the technology’s broader innovation systems, and the characteristics of the technology itself. These are dynamics that are key for understanding if and how CCS can develop, diffuse, and contribute to deep decarbonization.

Interactions between different socio-technical systems and sectors has also become an important topic in sustainability transition studies over the past years. Using carbon capture as a case, this project aims to elaborate on the process involved when a new technology embeds itself in new sectors and how actors deal with the embedding process when their technology is interacting with multiple sectors simultaneously.

The first paper of the project explores how changes to the sectoral configuration of the Norwegian carbon capture innovation system has influenced the technology and its technological innovation system (TIS).

The project is part of the INTRANSIT research centre.

Thesis supervisors:

Allan Dahl Andersen (TIK, UiO) – Main supervisor

Taran Thune (TIK, UiO) - Co-supervisor


Teis Hansen (Københavns Universitet)

Hilde Nykamp (TIK, UiO)

About Jørgen Finstad

Jørgen Finstad is a PhD candidate at the TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture at the University of Oslo.

How to participate

The seminar will take place on Zoom and is open to everyone. The Zoom link and the manuscript are available upon request. Please send the request to TIK's Phd administrator ( and she will ask Finstad to send it to you.


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