New PhD course: The more than human condition.

TIK welcomes PhD students to register for the new PhD course "The more than human condition" 6-9 December! 

The registration is now closed.

The Covid-19 pandemic has displayed the close and vulnerable relationships between human and nonhuman bodies and immune systems. Making links and drawing boundaries between human and animal bodies, human and animal health, have always been crucial in establishing a politics of life. Science and politics are key locations where human and animal health are aligned, separated, cared for and valued.

This PhD course will explore, discuss, and experiment with different methods and analytical frameworks for investigating the ‘more-than-human’ condition. ‘More-than-human’ encounters take many forms and call for different conceptual and empirical approaches. Where and to which actors, objects, practices, and procedures do we go to study valuations and care practices in science, health, and politics?

For information about registration and the course, please see TIK9012 – The more-than-human condition: Valuations and care in immunology, biomedicine and politics - Universitetet i Oslo (

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