Final Seminar: Elisabeth Svennevik

In this final seminar Elisabeth Svennevik will present her thesis investigating car-sharing practices in transitions to sustainable mobility.

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What happens to the mobility system when alternatives to the dominance of car-ownership appear? How can we understand the dynamics of change and continuity when new alternatives to the dominant ways of doing things arise? This thesis provides analyses of such dynamics. 

While existing automobility-based transportation systems provide numerous benefits, the negative impacts are enormous, and innovations have the potentials to change this. Lock-ins in the system of automobility, the emergence of car-sharing services, and sharing economy development motivates the research.

The overall research question guiding this thesis is: How does car-sharing relate to and change the established mobility system characterized by the dominance of car ownership?

The research consists of four empirical studies of car-sharing practices for changes towards sustainable mobility and a review of literature on practices in transition studies. Qualitative methods with data from stakeholder workshops and household interviews in Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands, as well as interviews with providers in Norway, are used for the studies. 


  • Olav Wicken (University of Oslo)
  • Tom Erik Julsrud (CICERO)


  • Atle Hegnes (NIBIO)


Publisert 10. mars 2021 12:54 - Sist endret 11. mars 2021 09:21