Disputation: Sveinung Grimsby

Master in Science Horticulture Sveinung Grimsby will be defending his dissertation: Radical innovation in a conservative industry. Selected cases of new product development in the Norwegian food industry

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Digital Disputation

In order to attend this public disputation you can download zoom or use your browser. Please also familiarise yourself with information for anyone who wishes to attend a digital defence

Ex auditorio-questions: The chair of defence will invite anyone who wishes to serve as an ex auditorio to do so by writing in the chat or give signal by clicking on  "Raise hand".


Digital Trial Lecture and Public Defence

Trial lecture: 10.15-11.00

Public defence: 12.00-15.00

Both will be held as a live video conference on Zoom on June 16th. 

The topic for the trial lecture was set by the adjudication committee. Grimsby will lecture on:
Tradition meets novelty in the food industry - Different knowledge bases and modes of innovation in the food industry and its implications for open innovation, appropriability strategies and sustainability.

Click here to join the public defence at 12:00


Adjudication Committee


Chair of Defence




More information

A scientific abstract in English can be found here

A press release in Norwegian can be found here


You may request a pdf of the thesis by sending an email to Ingrid Helene Johnsen by the 16th of June.

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