New publication on energy transformations - The co-evolution of innovation systems and context: Offshore wind in Norway and the Netherlands

In a new paper coming out of the RenewGrowth project, Adriaan van der Loos, Håkon E. Normann, Jens Hanson and Marko Hekkert compare the development of offshore wind suppliers in the Netherlands and Norway. They apply a technological innovation system approach and analyse how the political and industrial context has affected the conditions for developing an offshore wind supply industry in the two countries.

Both Norway and the Netherlands have a legacy in O&G and maritime industries and active offshore wind (OW) participation, yet weak domestic markets for OW. Despite these similarities, Dutch suppliers have been more successful in capturing a share of the international OW market. The paper discuss several explanations for this difference. First of all, the Dutch suppliers have been geographically closer to some of the main markets. But, the Netherlands have also focused more on innovation system building strategies than Norway. Finally, the changes in demand for O&G services had different impact on suppliers in the Netherlands and Norway, creating a greater motivation to diversify in the Netherlands than in Norway (but this may change!).

The paper is published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews and is available from

Published Nov. 5, 2020 1:55 PM - Last modified Nov. 5, 2020 1:55 PM