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In this commentary, Kristin Asdal reflects on pragmatism as one of the methodological touchstones of Science, technology and society (STS). In its focus on practices, pragmatist STS can be prone to falling into a problematic presentism, obscuring the historicity of the practices being studied, and to falling into problematic material/semiotic binaries. But what does it take, in practice, to be pragmatic?

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New article by Professor Kristin Asdal and Postdoctoral fellow Hilde Reinertsen in Journal of Cultural Economy discusses how the blue economy is calculated.

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This new book investigates how streams of organic waste and residues can be transformed into valuable products to foster a transition towards a sustainable and circular bioeconomy. The studies are carried out within a cross-diciplinary framework, drawing on a diverse set og theoretical approaches and defining different valorisation pathways. 

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New article by Susanne Bauer in Somatechnics.

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New book chapter by professor Kristin Asdal in The Routledge Companion to Actor-Network Theory.

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Working life has come to permeate every domain of life. Characteristics once thought to affect only the job domain have become important determinants of how people assess their daily lives. This article explores the influence of job characteristics on satisfaction with several life domains in 28 EU countries, asking: 1) What is the relationship between job characteristics and satisfaction with work and other domains of life? 2) Is the job domain more important for life satisfaction than other domains of life?

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In a new publication in Spatial Economic Analysis, Artur Santoalha proposes two new indicators of related diversification applied to Smart Specialization. 

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Havet er tema i stadig voksende bunke av politiske dokumenter. Hvordan beregner disse dokumentene havets verdier, og hvilken betydning får beregningene for hvordan havet forvaltes?

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Special Issue in Social Studies of Science: “From Person to Population and Back: Exploring Accountability in Public Health” coedited by TIK's Susanne Bauer, Klaus Hoeyer (University of Copenhagen) and Martyn Pickersgill (University of Edinburgh).

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In this new publication in Regional Studies, Artur Santoalha investigates the role of cooperation between organizations on technological diversification. He finds that cooparation within and between regions emerges as an important determinant of regional diversification, but both forms of cooperation should evolve hand in hand- singly, each form may prove ineffective at boosting regional diversification. 

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In a new publication in Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Håkon Endresen Normann engages with an emerging topic in sustainability transitions – destabilisation of established industries.