When Authority Goes Viral: Digital Communication and Health Expertise on pandemi.no

Kristian Bjørkdahl (SUM) and Tone Druglitrø (TIK) have written a chapter in the Palgrave Pivout Antology "Pandemics, Publics and Politics"


One of the most pressing questions concerning pandemic preparedness and response today is how digital media can and will change pandemic communication: In a future pandemic, effective use of digital media could mean the difference between marginal and massive loss of human lives.

In this chapter, we are intreseted in how medical experts can retain their status in an environment where many - partly because of digital media - have come to distrust mainstream expertise. We study the Norwegian health authorities' emergency web page, pandemi.no, and argue that it failed to use the affordances of the medium to develop features that acknowledge the actual concerns and voices of the public. 

By Kristian Bjørkdahl, Tone Druglitrø
Published Nov. 14, 2018 3:49 PM - Last modified Nov. 14, 2018 4:00 PM