New issue: Nordic Journal of Science and Technology

The newest issue of Nordic Journal of STS contains articles by TIK's phd's Hilde Reinertsen and Erlend Hermansen, and postdoc Tone Druglitrø.

Nordic Journal of STS, Vol 3, No 2.

Nordic Journal of STS

The Nordic Journal of STS provides research, analysis and commentary from established themes in the Nordic STS communities, such as research on sustainable energy and climate change, information and communication technologies, gender studies, game studies, research on biotechnology and reproductive technologies, media studies, research on popular representations of science and the history of science and technology. 

Among their goals are being stepping stone for new areas and topics in Nordic STS research and expertise, showcasing up-and-coming research and research communities.

Table of contents in this issue

  • Peer Reviewed Articles
    • Understanding Controversies in Urban Climate Change Adaptation. A case study of the role of homeowners in the process of climate change adaptation in Copenhagen, by Nina Baron, Lars Kjerulf Petersen
  • Editorials

  • Special Issue Peer Reviewed Articles

    • What is at stake? Practices of linking actors, issues and scales in environmental politics, by Linda Soneryd
    • On the local constitution of global futures. Science and democratic engagement in a decentred world, by Alan Irwin
    • I Will Write a Letter and Change the World The Knowledge Base Kick-Starting Norway’s Rainforest Initiative, by Erlend Andre Tveiten Hermansen
  • Book Reviews

    • Vitenskap, teknologi og samfunn. En introduksjon til STS, by Tone Druglitrø
    • Utopia Revisited. Towards a Carbon-Neutral Neighbourhood at Brøset, by Lina Hopaneng Ingeborgrud



Published Feb. 4, 2016 10:29 AM - Last modified Jan. 31, 2018 6:58 PM