Formalization and separation: A systematic basis for interpreting approaches to summarizing science for climate policy

Why isn't there a more straightforward relation between climate research and climate policy?

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Science and policy

In studies of environmental issues, the question of how to establish a productive interplay between science and policy is widely debated, especially in relation to climate change.

Mapping initiatives

The aim of this article is to advance this discussion and contribute to a better understanding of how science is summarized for policy purposes by bringing together two academic discussions that usually take place in parallel: the question of how to deal with formalization (structuring the procedures for assessing and summarizing research, e.g. by protocols) and separation (maintaining a boundary between science and policy in processes of synthesizing science for policy).

Combining the two dimensions, we draw a diagram onto which different initiatives can be mapped


  • Göran Sundqvist
  • Ingemar Bohlin
  • Erlend A. T. Hermansen
  • Steven Yearley

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Social Studies of Science


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