New GlobOil PhD candidates

The GlobOil team is happy to welcome two new PhD candidates to the team: Eili Skrivervik and Tèrcio Pinho Filho.

Eili Skrivervik

Eili Skrivervik finished her master degree at the TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture in 2017 with a thesis titled “Norwegian food waste policies: a valuation study”. She has experience as an analyst and researcher in the private sector and in the Norwegian startup scene, and has worked at TIK since 2017 as a research assistant, working mainly on the SusValueWaste project (Sustainable path creation for innovative value chains for organic waste products).

"The offshore petroleum sector is a field with a high level of innovation and high density of smart individuals which is why I was attracted to this project. I think innovation is such an interesting fields to study and think it will be really interesting to look at the oil sector from this perspective."       - Eili Skrivervik


Tèrcio Pinho Filho

Tèrcio Pinho Filho's research interests are in Supply Chain Management, Governance Patterns and Manufacturing Upgrade. He holds a Master degree in Political Sociology from IUPERJ(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).


Participating in this project is great because it encompasses my prior research interests, and also gives me the opportunity to improve my knowledge in innovation studies, enrich my theoretical background and have more analytical tools to do my research in convergence with the project's framework.

- Tèrcio Pinho Filho






Published Nov. 16, 2018 12:14 PM - Last modified Nov. 21, 2022 9:43 AM