ProjectSTEP-group (“Critical Friends”)

The ProjectSTEP group (also referred to as "Critical Friends" in the project's English description) is included in the project's RRI design and has now had its first meeting.

The ProjectSTEP group is used for continuous reflection and dialogue on research design, research results and assumptions that underlie the project, in a common learning process together with important players in the field.

The group acts as a reference group based on a process approach that is adapted to RRI and interdisciplinary research and innovation projects. Such projects often give rise to controversy about both facts and values, and it is important for a research project to be aware of its own description of reality, its own 'framing' of facts and its own value assumptions. It is believed that it is easier to raise awareness of this in dialogue with 'critical friends' who represent a wide range of perspectives.

The ProjectSTEP group therefore consists of experts and actors in the field who represent different perspectives or approaches. An important function of the group is to discuss the current standpoint and the 'framing' in the project, contribute to a critical reflection on the research project's understanding of the issues, and the interpretation and communication of results, and the project's work plan and methods. The group's approach will be based on the same thinking as the TranSTEP approach, which was developed in connection with a European project on integrated technology consulting, described in:

Here you can read the feedback and our response from the first meeting from 13.03.2020.

Here you can read the feedback and our response from the second part of the first meeting from 2.06.2020.

Published May 15, 2020 2:02 PM - Last modified Oct. 11, 2020 9:42 PM